Plant Based.  Small Batch. Hand-Foraged. Chemical Free. Cruelty Free. 


NÜLA hair + skincare products are free from harsh and toxic chemicals such as parabens, phthalates, sulphates, artificial colours, and synthetic fragrances. 
NÜLA products are full of yummy ingredients like local essential oils, herbal infusions from home-grown plants, hand-grown aloe, coconut oil, sap from local pines & more!

Photography courtesy of Rob Trendiak


Cedarwood Lavender Moisture Shampoo:
   - Best for encouraging hair growth and moisturizing ends of hair.  Made from a blend of coconut sugar surfactants, guar silk, and an all Natural Synergy Preservative, this shampoo is perfect for PNW weather (anti-static and frizz), and is biodegradable! 
Lavender Mint Moisture Shampoo:
- Best for lifeless, dull hair needing strength and shine, and to sooth the scalp.
Made from a blend of coconut sugar surfactants, guar silk, and an all natural preservative, this shampoo is perfect for PNW weather (anti-static and frizz), and is biodegradable! 
Ginger Vanilla Dry Shampoo (light & dark)
   - A magical hair powder that absorbs excess oil, adds volume and even texture to all types of hair.  Made from all-natural clays, earth silica and cleansers to create a dry shampoo that is %100 chemical free! 
Surf Spray
- A texturizing spray combining sea salts and oils to give hair a beachy look and feel
Ylang-Ylang & French Lavender Hair Serum
- A luxurious hair and scalp oil treatment that can be used on a daily basis.  Adds shine, and moisture to hair and scalp without leaving it greasy
Bergamot & Lime Hair Serum
  - A beautiful hair serum that can be added to wet or dry hair, giving it shine and moisture to dry ends



Blue Tansy Facial Cleansing Balm
- A cleansing balm that is creamy and moisturizing, while deeply cleansing oils and dirt from skin, and the addition of jojoba beads to give slight exfoliation
Rosewater Facial Toner
  - Rosewater made from local roses, distilled and mixed with witch hazel and aloe to create a beautiful toner for all skin types
Orange & Clove Facial Moisture Serum (or beard oil)
  - A blended concoction of rich oils ready to add moisture to skin and to even out tone
Age-Fighting Rosehip Facial Serum
  -A meticulous blend of Vitamin rich oils ready to help repair skin and add elasticity and moisture
Vanilla Mint Lip Conditioner 
 - A blend of either Beeswax by local beekeepers, or Candelilla wax mixed with creamy shea and cocoa butters with a touch of vitamin E.  
Cedarwood Beard Balm
  - A creamy conditioning balm for beards that helps to soften and control beard hair as well as moisturizing the skin underneath. 
Pine Pitch Healing Salve
  - Foraged pine sap from trees all over the PNW, infused for weeks in beautiful oils and mixed with local beeswax to create a miracle healing salve for most ailments.  Good for kids skin as well! 
Pine & Clove Moustache Wax
  - A mixture of wax and Pine Sap resin and infused oil to create a hard wax for those marvelous handlebar type moustaches! 



About Us


Nü Lovers Apothecary, or NÜLA, was founded by Melissa Taylor in 2015 during a period of time where she was searching for ways to tie together her talents and passions.  

As a hairstylist of 17 years and after having a child, Melissa wanted to take serious steps in recreating all of the products that go onto her families' skin and hair.  She took an online herbalism course which helped her begin to form her ideas for products that she wanted to create.  She began to grow her own flowers and herbs to use in her infusions and waters, as well as foraging around the PNW for pine sap, roships, nettle, wild roses and the like for her products.  Each product has been made in small batches and with luxurious ingredients to ensure quality. 

Melissa began to sell NÜLA at the salon she works at and her clients are becoming cult followers of the products! 



Artel Salon @artelsalon (Fraserhood - Vancouver)

3 Singing Birds @3singingbirdswhistler (Whistler)

Compass Barbershop @compass_barbershop (Missoula, Montana)



If you have questions please feel free to email anytime! 


 NÜLA Photoshoot 2018


Model' Erin Popadynetz @vancouverin  Photographer: Rob Trendiak @trendiphotography  Flower Crown: @conceptfloral

Model' Erin Popadynetz @vancouverin

Photographer: Rob Trendiak @trendiphotography

Flower Crown: @conceptfloral


In April 2018 we did a photoshoot using NÜLA's hair products to create a Spring Fashion look  Rob Trendiak was our photographer and we used the space of Artel Hair Salon in Vancouver.  A new floral shop in Kits called Concept.Floral sponsored the shoot and created this gorgeous succulent headpiece for my model, Erin.  I was thrilled with the outcome 

BTS shot from outside the salon. Bex Pfeifer in foreground. Myself and model in background.

BTS shot from outside the salon. Bex Pfeifer in foreground. Myself and model in background.

Behind thE sceneS: 

This wicked black and white shot that Rob captured is one of my fav's from the entire day! 

Model: Erin Popadynetz

Model: Erin Popadynetz


The hair texture was created using NÜLA's Surf Spray on individual pieces before wrapping them, figure 8 style, through large hair pins.  They were then heated with a flat iron and cooled.  Alternating with a small barrel iron, Melissa created the frizz and wave by pulling and combing out the set.  NÜLA wax was used to create definition on individual pieces afterwards.  

Scan 11.jpeg

NÜLA’s Hair Serum

October 2018 Issue. Vogue UK

NÜLA is proud to be in Vogue uk october 2018 issue, as part of their beauty checklist! Dream come true!

Scan 12.jpeg

as seen in


october 2018

Scan 13.jpeg

AS SEEN IN VOGUE September Issue 2018

Scan 14.jpeg

NÜLA’s Dry Shampoo

Featured as Vogues Beauty Secrets. #14. What an honour to be found, and asked to put in this magazine!