Ginger Vanilla Dry Shampoo (For Dark Hair)


Ginger Vanilla Dry Shampoo (For Dark Hair)


Dark hair Powder ready to absorb oils from scalp and create voluminous texture

4 oz. 
Ingredients: Arrowroot Powder, Natural Cocoa Brown Clay, Diatomaceous Earth, Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), Zea Mays (cornstarch), Kaolin Clay, Orange Peel Powder, ginger essential oil, vanilla essential oil, sweet orange essential oil

This Dry Shampoo is one of NÜLA's best-sellers!  With its ability to absorb unsightly oils from the scalp and hair, and give great volume, it also leaves the hair smelling great all day.  Men and women alike use this product! 

Directions: So many ways to use this dry shampoo!  Use it on super-oily hair that hasn't been washed for days and watch it absorb oils immediately!  Will give tons of lift and volume on less-oily hair (maybe try first or second day after washing), and also amazing bedhead when applied before you sleep. Wake with beautiful volume and oil-be-gone!

Start with lifting up a section of hair, and lightly tap the powder in at the roots.  Rub with finger tips into each section that you apply it to.  Add more as needed, all over or just the part line.  You can also brush into hair (especially if you have darker hair).  Can create a matte finish, but it does the trick! 

Did I mention you'll smell heavenly ALL DAY?! 

*other ideas:  try applying to lengths of hair before braiding to get a textured beachy braid, or before and updo to help it stay all night long.  



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Unique Properties: 
- Kaolin clay- gentle on the hair and scalp, excellent absorbing properties
- Diatomaceous Earth-  A naturally formed sedimentary mineral rock, derived from oceanic unicellular algae.  Kick Ass.  Its a natural source of silica, which our hair needs!
- Arrowroot Powder-  adds silkiness to the hair
- Baking Soda- cleanses the scalp